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Dailey Training International offers a range of basketball camps, cruisescombines, competitions, and school programs worldwide for players of all ages, skillsets, genders and backgrounds. To ensure that our camps, cruises, competitions, and school programs are robust, Dailey Training International’s staff is comprised of former basketball players and coaches from the NBA, WNBA and NCAA –DI. Our dedication is to your child’s development as a player and a person in the world’s greatest sport; basketball.

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Updated: August 24, 2021

As with many basketball organizations, Dailey Training International is conscious of uncertainty in the sport industry during these unprecedented times. Our basketball camps, cruises, competitions, and school programs are designed for different regions of the world. Thus, mandates and ordinances vary according to region. In other words, the situation is constantly evolving and regulations are contextual in nature. Accordingly, we keep up-to-date with the latest COVID-19 information and plan our programs based on that.

In fact, we are currently working on additional programming for the latter part of the second quarter of 2021 and will update our schedule as the COVID-19 situation changes. So be sure to give us a follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for real-time updates!

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What we offer

Dailey Training International offers a wide range of basketball development opportunities both locally in Southwest Florida and also internationally. We offer basketball camps, cruises, combines, and competitions tailored to the athletes age and skill-level. Locally, Dailey Training International is headquartered in Bradenton, Southwest Florida and offers top-notch basketball camps, clinics and competitions at the brand-new, state of the art facility, Bradenton Christian School.

Interested in our camps, clinics, and competitions? Check out our section above detailing our note about our upcoming schedule above and to stay up to date on our upcoming events all over the world, connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn for real-time updates. 

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Dailey Training International is supported and staffed with former NBA, WNBA and NCAA –DI players and coaches. Below you will find endorsements of what we offer from former NBA and international basketball stars Anthony Parker and Sheldon Williams as well other happy participants and parents. Check it out! 

Certainly, everybody at every level can benefit from what Eric [Dailey] brings to the court… I know i have..

Anthony Parker

Former NBA & International NBA Star

It’s not your typical big man workout. He [Eric] introduce things that you actually use in your game… It’s something I found very exciting.
Sheldon Williams

Former NBA & International NBA Star

We’re an all-encompassing international basketball training service. Learn more about what we do.

News & Updates

As Southwest Florida’s premier destination for basketball development, we at Dailey Training International pride ourselves on providing you with frequent updates. There has never been a time where being informed and updated has been more important. Despite the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we are certain that we will back and better than ever when it is safe for us all to return to the game. Below you will find our real-time Twitter feed. Feel free to connect with us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook too!