Basketball Cruises

Cruise, Develop skills & play basketball

Basketball cruises are a new revolutionary opportunity for athletes looking to take their game to the next level and get in-person exposure in multiple countries as well as industry-leading training on the ship between stops.

Why Choose A Basketball Cruise?

Basketball courts on cruises have been around for a long time. After all, what isn’t on a cruise ship? Given that your hotel (the ship) is on water, cruises afford travellers to see multiple destinations and unpack only once. As a result, cruise ships are the best way to see, experience and in this case, play basketball, all in one vacation. 

The basketball cruises are especially exciting because it offers everything a regular cruise has to offer, but more! So, not only will you get a great vacation, but a next level basketball experience as well. With COVID-19 impacting how sport operates, being on a cruise allows us to be in a bubble. Surely, taking the necessary precautions prior to boarding, will allow for a seamless and safe experience. Your basketball dreams can continue, just on water! 

Sample Trips For our basketball cruises

Below you will find sample itineraries for Dailey Training International basketball cruises. Our basketball cruises are split into different days, places, and countries.  Our partnerships with Royal Caribbean cruises grant us customizability in our basketball cruise programming. We incorporate feedback and desires for destinations as well. Travel all over the Caribbean, Europe, and the UK playing basketball, meeting fellow athletes and learning new skills.  

11 Night Discover the Canaries

7 Nights: France, Spain & Portugal

9 Night Southern Caribbean Hoopla

Top Destinations For Basketball Cruises

We ensure our participants get the fullest international and cultural experiences with our cruises. We have chosen the following destination for our first batch of cruises. These countries have growing basketball programs, elite international teams and experienced players and coaches. Playing in Europe, the UK and Canada can have a great impact on athlete development and lead to a professional career, either in those countries or elsewhere. Playing abroad can also provide athletes with skills off the court and will give you the potential to make contacts worldwide.

Portugal Cruise Destinations
Portugal Cruise Destinations
Portugal Cruise Destinations
Portugal Cruise Destinations
Portugal Cruise Destinations

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Basketball Activities On our cruises

Travel on Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas, the cruise lines most exquisite cruise ship, featuring a full indoor basketball court, state of the art fitness center, laced with five star dining.

On each Dailey Training International cruise excursion, programs include each of the following basketball activities designed to develop fundamentals on the court. All of our excursion camps are family-friendly. To learn more about how you can make this a family trip, click here

Skill Development

Training Sessions

Destination Combines

Fitness & Health

Looking for our elite programs for basketball cruises?

We offer on the sea programming for competitive to elite, middle school & high school teams and players, college teams and players and professional free agents.

Our basktball cruises arefamily friendly

Our Dailey Training International cruises welcome the families of the athletes to join us on their adventure at sea without requiring the families of the basketball players to join us in chaperoning them. Families can enjoy the cultural experience altogether and while their basketball star is busy perfecting their craft, the families can enjoy some well-deserved relaxation or partake in any of the onboard events! We at DTI know the hectic lifestyle basketball families live leaving very little time to vacation and relax so we created DTI cruises as the perfect solution! For more information about this family-friendly opportunity, contact us! We are happy to help you choose the best cruise for you and your family. 

Fitness & Health Training

All our excursion camps allow our DTI athletes to learn what it means to train like a pro. Not only will they get world-class on court basketball training but they will have access to a nutritionist, a basketball specific exercise plan and access to a trainer. They will have the opportunity to learn off-court professionalism too!

At DTI we understand that all our athletes are on their own unique basketball journey and in their development. All of our on-court and off-court training is age-level, skill-level and player specific to ensure they get the most of their training and to make sure their training supports their own personal goals and maximizes their potential.

Our staff are equipped with sports therapists, nutritionists, trainers and all of these professional services are included on our cruise.

Our staff all have unique and equally important roles to your athletes development. Sports therapists are responsible for maximizing recovery and assisting in quick recovery from injuries. Nutritionists are responsible for suggesting caloric intake, macronutrient ratios and ensuring your basketball player fuels their body with everything they need to succeed. And, our trainers make sure that your athlete has the exercise regiment they need to maximize their athletic potential.

Unlimited Access To Play Basketball On Our Cruises

Our DTI athletes will get to avail of both leisure access to the onboard courts and also access to our scheduled on-court training sessions. We firmly believe in teaching our athletes how to train and what they can do on their own to sharpen their skills long after their world-class experience on our DTI cruise. Supervision levels vary by cruise depending on age group.

With incredible views and incredible courts, your athlete will have an experience they won’t forget. Traveling the world and playing the game they love is any basketball players dream. The skills learned on these courts will be something the athlete can take away and work on once back home. 

Cruises Build Character

As experienced travellers, we believe that travel builds character. Travel is how our founder built his basketball legacy and his goal is to use basketball as a tool to develop our youth and teach them things that could never be learned in a classroom or on the court by immersing them in incredible cultural experiences. 

Basketball Training On Our Cruises

Basketball cruises are a new revolutionary opportunity for athletes looking to take their game to the next level and get in-person exposure in multiple countries as well as industry-leading training on the ship between stops.

Who better to teach the next generation than previous generations top talent? Before becoming DTI coaches, our staff experienced basketball at the highest level and have first hand experience of what it means to be a basketball player at all levels. 

Your basketball player while onboard the ship will learn from some of the worlds best and get to play for these coaches in several countries around the world before returning home to share their experiences with their teammates.

Our elite Programming For Cruises

Expose Basketball Skills Internationally

No matter how talented your basketball player is, the key to success in the basketball industry is exposure. It is vitally important to your athletes success to showcase their talent in front of industry professionals who can open doors for them.

We at DTI understand that there are multiple paths that can be taken to reach the highest-level of basketball and we understand that the college route is not for everyone. 

International athletes have become increasingly sought after by NBA and WNBA scouts due to their experience and unique skills they bring to the game. Not all athletes have the luxury of competing at the NCAA level or even want to give up some of their prime basketball years playing for free when they’re given the opportunity to get compensated for their talent straight out of high school around in the world.

Pro exposure combines and competitions at destinations

As part of our travel itinerary within cruise destinations, we have basketball combines and competitions set up for our basketball players to have the opportunity to compete in front of international scouts and teams while playing against and alongside local talent every time the ship docks in a new location.

All combines and competitions are matched to the athletes skill level and age group. 

This opportunity allows elite athletes to showcase their game to international teams to create opportunity for them to be scouted and offered contracts to play overseas. And for our up and coming stars, they have the opportunity to share their passion with international peers at the same skill-level and make some lifelong friends.

Cultural Activities On our basketball cruises

On each Dailey Training International cruise excursion, cultural education is a key component.

Experience Culture

Learn Culture

Tour & Sightsee

Experience Culture

Our DTI staff have very vast travel experience having traveled from the USA to the rest of North America, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Cultural exposure is so important for everyone’s development. has people and The DTI vision is to use basketball as a way to expose people to the world’s diversity and the world’s beauty through basketball.

DTI ensures that their athletes have the chance to safely explore as much of the world as possible, while sharing common ground with basketball minded individuals all over the globe.

Our athletes get the chance to immerse themselves culturally on the court by playing with and against local teams and players of the same age and skill-level in countries around the world, and off the court in the communities they visit.

Tour & Sightsee Unique Destinations

Our DTI staff are committed to basketball player development but more importantly the development of the next generation as citizens of the world. Our coaching staff have played basketball all around the globe and are fully equipped in collaboration with local coaches and academies to safely chaperone our athletes on off-court excursions to try local foods and sightsee in some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Who doesn’t want to experience beautiful Barcelona? DTI takes our players to local eateries to expand their pallet and to the beaches both for training and for relaxation after some hard work on the court.

Learn Culture

On our DTI basketball cruises, the players will have ample opportunity to learn about their upcoming destinations. We love to teach our players some basics in the local languages of the places we travel and have pre-docking presentations to ensure we as a team transition smoothly into our excursion camps, combines, competitions and cultural activities in the community. 

What better way to explore the world than with like-minded individuals who share your passion for the universal language of basketball?

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